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Springtime! - vt_maple_man
I am back from a long season of syrup-making in Fairfield, Vt. From 884 trees came 285 gallons of maple syrup.
It was a darker syrup than usual in the beginning of the season. The trees had a different chemical make-up I think. Syrup produced in the colder( earlier) part of the season is typically lighter in color, because there is less bacteria and yeast in the sap. All equipment is clean and the newly drilled hole in the tree is clean.
I burned 14 cords of wood from the woodshed to produce the 285 gals.
Also during the early part of the season we got a 30" snowfall, which made getting around the woods quite difficult until some settling and melting took place. First picture is of sons Alex and Forrest during tapping. The second is of "the boys sugarin', 2011.

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honeyandmagi From: honeyandmagi Date: April 30th, 2011 04:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Great pictures, Peter.
Welcome home.
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