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Midwinter! - vt_maple_man
I am working on two artistic projects at present. One, a sculpture of a dragon about two feet high made of steel. The other a railing of stainless for friends on Lake Ontario. This railing will conform to safety standards ,but will also have two dimensional animals , waves and cattails incorporated into its design. This for their small upper deck on the house.
Three of our four horses have an infected foot each and treatment requires daily soaking of the foot for 30 min in hot water and epsom salts. This is accomplished by pulling a section of a truck inner tube over the infected foot, and folding the other end of the "tube" up against the leg, thus making a boot that will hold the hot water. This works unless the horse doesn't like it or keeps lifting its foot. These horses have been very cooperative thus far.
The 2010 syrup crop is about sold out, but in two months there will be a new batch of the maple sweet! We also made about 14 lbs. of granulated maple sugar this winter. This used approx. 3.5 gallons of fancy syrup.
Saw a flock of Snow Buntings yesterday in the old corn field. They were feeding on bugs and pieces of grain in the spread manure.

Have been helping neighbors with firewood and have played the bagpipes at several funerals.
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